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Specialists in Marine Spa therapies, Thalgo harnesses the riches of the sea; trace elements, proteins, amino acids, minerals and vitamins for all your body refining, firming, cell waste removal and relaxation needs. All body spa wraps commence with Modelage de la Mer – Thalgo Welcome Body Massage.


Body Specialist Consultant

30 minutes - $25.00


Body Analysis update

15 minutes - Complimentary



Back, Neck and Shoulder massage

30 minutes - $45.00


Relaxation Full Body massage

1 Hour - $80.00



Mineralalg Gel Detoxifying Aromatic Body Wrap

45 minutes - $100.00

For an effective full body wrap that helps combat water retention and improve lightness.


Sea and Sense Body Scrub Ritual

45 minutes - $70.00

Experience ultimate relaxation with this purifying, rematerializing and sensorial ritual. Featuring marine exfoliation as a prelude and beautifully relaxing sculpting and concentric massage movements, tensions quickly give away to deep relaxation. Your skin is radiant and beautifully smoothed.



2 Hour - $180.00

The Polynesia Spa Treatment Ritual takes you on a discovery tour of the islands of Polynesia, an invitation to discover Polynesian beauty rituals. Relaxing and regenerating treatment with intoxicating exotic scents that promote a sense of getting away from it all. Skin is smooth, nourished, scented and enhanced with an iridescent sheen.


The Polynesians practice an ancestral massage: the “Lomi-Lomi”. This traditional massage is powerful, slow and rhythmic, with warmed sand Tuiponos which provides a relaxation deep into the muscles. The Polynesians use traditional Monoï Oil to give their massage, most often on the beach, while lying on the hot sand... tension is released from the body and the mind drifts away during its journey through Polynesia.


Indoceane Relaxation Spa Ritual

2 Hour - $199.00


Indulge in the ultimate luxury of a journey to distant continents for total relaxation. Escape to the Mediterranean for the delicious combination of sweet and savoury in the smoothest exfoliation. Next, Egypt to foot bathe in the veil of the precious milk bath. Then travel to India, the land of Ayurveda to release tensions with an energizing balm and luxurious massage. In the Chinese step, the entire body is wrapped in sublime silk. Finally you will return, relaxed and remembering your vital self.


Ocean Memory Spa Ritual

2 hour - $199.00

In a society where the pace of life is constantly accelerating, stress and fatigue can wear us down. The need to re energise and rediscover yourself becomes a fundamental one. Plunge into the heart of your origins and discover the four steps of marine sensation. Ocean Memory is an aquatic and sensorial journey, an invitation to bliss. Let your senses rediscover the wonders of the ocean and ultimately emerge renewed in a burst of vitality and exhilaration. Reenergized and protected your skin is renewed, emerging stronger and more resistant. Day after day its vitality is restored.