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Thalgo FacialsFacial Treatments


Thalgo utilizes the riches of the sea so you can benefit from it’s powerful revitalizing and rebalancing properties vital for health and wellbeing. Thalgo facials combine powerful actives, exclusive modelage techniques and treatment masks for a truly multi sensorial experience.  Step into a cocoon of wellbeing and experience a world of marine beauty.

All Thalgo facials begin with marine immersion discovery of the sea modelage to soothe away tensions and restore your energy balance. Our objective is to bring pleasure and beauty, in accordance with principles of protection and precaution necessary for our future.

Skin Specialist Consultant

30 minutes - $25.00


Skin Analysis update

15 minutes - Complimentary



Purifying Marine Immersion Classical Facials


Le Mer Express Facial

30 minutes - $55.00

Le Mer Express Facial is real discovery of the sea to help you let go of the terrestrial world and become immersed in a reassuring, protective sea .After a massage with light sweeping strokes the gentle cleanser and exfoliators rid your skin of all surface impurities .With hot towels soaked in Aquatic Essence your skin is perfectly cleansed, pampered and delicately scented.


Moisture Quenching Mask Facial

45 minutes - $65.00

Moisture Quenching Mask is a truly hydrating and relaxing “skin bath”. The skin is saturated with active moisturizing ingredients. Intensely quenched it regains its smoothness and all uncomfortable tightness vanishes.


Melt Away Mask – Instant Comfort Facial

45 minutes - $65.00

As soon as it is applied this fresh mask melts into your skin to offer a “nourishing bath” .Your skin is perfectly nourished and regains suppleness and softness. Sensations of tightness and discomfort are a thing of the past.


Oxygen Cryodetox Mask Facial

45 minutes - $65.00

A burst of radiance for suffocated skin, perfectly refreshed and detoxified your skin regains radiance!



1 Hour -  $100.00

A haven of relaxation for fragile, delicate and sensitive skin, this intensely soothing cool mint treatment leaves your complexion fresh and luminous. Reviving Marine and Plant extracts work to decongest the skin and redness is visibly reduced. Perfect for sensitive skin prone to blotchiness. Your skin feels firmer and is protected against further external aggressions.



45 MINUTES $65.00

Particularly rich in natural clay, absorbs excess sebum and lifts away impurities. Purifying and balances oily and problem skin concerns. Your skin looks wonderfully healthy, matte, fresh and radiant.



45 MINUTES $65.00

This SOS treatment, infused with Cornflower, Calendula, Roman Camomile, Lime and Witch Hazel immediately soothes away the signs of irritation on sensitive or reactive skins. Relieves irritated skin from heat sensations, stinging and tightness to make way for a gentle sensation of freshness and well-being.



ThalgoThalgo Specialised Facials


Aquarelle Facial

1 Hour - $95.00

A truly revitalizing facial to remineralise and hydrate your skin. Incorporating our specific anti wrinklemassage , marine algae mask and nourishing ingredients your skin receives the ideal combination of antiage ,re mineralization and hydration. Suitable for all skin types.



45 MINUTES $65.00

A true Beauty Coaching session, the Thalgo  Beauty Therapist reveals the original beauty of your skin in just 45minutes for a flawless complexion. The skin is quenched with water, skin texture is refined,and the complexion is even and more radiant. Perfect Glow Treatment Facial is for all women in search of “Beauty Coaching” and looking to benefit from professional advice while enjoying a luminous radiance discovery treatment.


Hydra Moisture Source Facial

1 Hour - $110.00

A truly hydrating moisture treatment featuring active marine ingredients and vegetal milks combined with a unique mask to combat dehydration, improve skin texture and leave the skin feeling soft and radiant.


Algomega Facial

1 Hour - $110.00

A deeply moisturising   and soothing treat for dry and fragile skin this nourishing facial provides intensive comfort to dry skins. The comforting massage movements truly relax you and the lipid boosting Algomega complex and Shea Butter ingredients are renowned for their restructuring properties. This facial provides instant relief from skin tightness and discomfort. Comfort and radiance is restored a true delight for lipid dry skin.



1 HOUR & 30 MINUTES $160.00

Exceptional Ultimate Time Solution Ritual Facialis the “Queen” of ThalgoFacials - High Performance Global Anti-Ageing Treatment for all women and men is the expert solution tailored to all skin problems related to age: loss of density, firmness, radiance, accentuation of the depth of wrinkles, a loss of facial volume and the appearance of dark spots. Exceptional Ultimate Time Solution Ritual Facial - Your skin is visibly restructured and rejuvenated thanks to a new and comprehensive approach to all the problems of ageing concerns. Your skin is plumped up; your face is brighter, rejuvenated and rested. Emerging wrinkles are erased, deep wrinkles are significantly reduced, and facial contours are redefined, facial volumes repositioned.



1 HOUR & 15 MINUTES $140.00

Lightening and Brightening facial for a radiant clear skin. This professional skin expert treatment lightens smoothes and leaves skin looking visibly younger. Signs of ageing are also highly visible on our hands therefore Thalgo has chosen to expand this treatment to allow you to treat the hands. Thalgo Brightening facial contains Filmogel – a sugar based film containing freeze dried Pro Vitamin C, acts to lighten skin pigmentation, marked and dull complexions. Your complexion is more luminous, with a perfect matte finish. Pigmentation marks fade away. Your skin is more supple and plumper. Visibly youthful, your face regains all the luminosity and youthfulness.


Thalgo Skin Perfect Microdermabrasion Facial

1 Hour - $130.00

On the strength of its experience in salon beauty treatments Thalgo has developed a treatment procedure that combines chemical and mechanical peeling yet is also gentle on the skin. This treatment procedure allows progressive micro dermabrasion of the skin to smooth out fine lines, refine skin texture and reveal clearer complexions. Ask your Thalgo Skin Expert for more information.


Collagen Smoothing Facial

1 Hour 15 minutes - $130.00

Reactivate the regenerating power of the skin and help correct signs of ageing as they appear. This unique treatment uses Marine Collagen molecules which have an unrivalled affinity with the skin and give an immediate smoothing effect. Experience the precise skin stimulation effects of the ‘dermastim’ antiageing massage technique. Fine lines and wrinkles are as if plumped out, leaving the skin radiant, smoother and soft. Perfect for a special event.

Hyaluronic Filler Facial

1 Hour 15 minutes - $140.00

A unique facial, featuring Marine Hyaluronic Acid molecules for optimal absorption of active ingredients and immediate results, and Matrixyl Synthé’6 - a new generation peptide to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin Precise skin stimulation via a specific massage technique that lets every wrinkle drink in the Hyaluronic Acid: you will feel the stimulating effect of the massage and your wrinkles will slowly be refilled. The double Hyaluronic Mask will plump up your entire face and fill even deep wrinkles.

Silicium Super Lift Facial

1 Hour 15 minutes -  $145.00

Silicium treatment uses Marine Hyaluronic Acid molecules and Marine Silicium for optimum effectiveness and immediate results.  Wrinkles are erased one by one and your entire face will look lifted thanks to a special application of THALGO exclusive Resurfacing Cream. An anti-wrinkle and lifting massage technique is preformed which fills wrinkles and lifts your features. The double Hyaluronic and Cryo-Sculpting Mask fills deeper wrinkles and reshapes the face. The warming Cryo-Sculpting mask works on the neck and chin area—lifting and reshaping, while the Collagen Hyaluronic mask is applied to the forehead and eye area to plump and fill.


Ocean Facial for Men

1 Hour - $95.00

Relax and recharge stressed skin with the energizing Thalgo Ocean Facial especially for men. Experience the restoring and anti ageing properties of the sea, during this hi tech professional treatment featuring AlgueBleue Vitale, harnessed from the Klamath Lake for its energizing properties. Skin feels deeply refreshed and reenergized and shaving irritations are soothed away.


Terre and Mer Organic Facial

1 Hour 15 minutes - $120.00

Softness, hydration and comfort are the watchwords of this treatment which puts your skin completely at rest: Treatment begins with a welcoming lavender back massage as you enter into a protective natural environment. Along the Mediterranean path the skin is gentle cared for with a warm Mediterranean pouch to infuse the organic essential oils. The treatment continues with a moisturizing and relaxing sculpting massage then the application of the organic Thalgodermyl mask facilitates the transit of revitalizing minerals and trace elements as the actives are infused into the skin.